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Our purpose is clear: To help create enduring wealth for business owners and their employees

With Aegis Retirement Strategies designing your retirement plan, you and your management team will experience a meaningful increase in enjoyable hours and a decrease in retirement plan concerns.


Imagine Candid, Independent, Knowledgeable Advice.

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The Aegis Advantage—Our Retirement Plan Optimizer™

We understand the energy, time, and discipline it takes to run a company: the myriad business and personnel decisions, the creative effort to sustain and grow a business, and the melding of financial and personal assets to meet your future needs.

You’re busy building a business, compensating valued employees, satisfying clients’ needs, and edging out the competition.  As you juggle all those obligations and responsibilities, you may not be aware of hidden fees or potential improvements in your company’s current retirement plan.

Architects of Enduring Wealth means we design your retirement plan from the ground up, just like an architect.  Our cornerstones are financial facts, integrity, experience, and personalized client service.

The Retirement Plan Optimizer™ is our unique process of researching, designing, and implementing a retirement plan tailored expressly for you and your employees.  Divided into three phases—the Fundamental Discovery Process, the Critical Factors Analysis, and the Integrated Success Strategy™--our analysis includes a thorough review of all your business resources before we recommend an appropriate plan design, which emphasizes the features and benefits of utmost importance to you.


What’s in It for You?

More time and more money to invest in your business, and maybe a better night’s sleep. We help remove worries about investment alternatives or whether your highly compensated employees will be able to maximize their contributions.

Your financial and family needs will change during the business life cycle, and we’ll create your company’s retirement benefits accordingly.  As plan designers, we’ll work with your present legal and tax advisors or build a creative team. Our professional advice is driven by more than 50 years’ experience in the financial industry and our analysis is targeted, timely, and extensive.

Most importantly, as an independent firm, our advice and fee-for-service are not based on a particular product or institution, but on our client’s needs and objectives.  We’ll offer you a candid retirement plan evaluation—with your continued business success and enduring wealth as our primary goal.

How We Work with You

We’ll begin by analyzing your current plan, if you have one, and optimizing its design, expense structure, and investment performance.  We’ll discover any unnecessary or excessive fees.  And we’ll ask questions: “Would you like to provide retirement security and maximum tax benefits for all your employees...and increase benefits to highly compensated employees?  Did you know that your current fund choices are not well balanced and are exposing you and your employees to undue risk?”

We present you with strategies, financial facts, and retirement options based on you and your employees’ needs.  Most plans require updates and changes to maximize available fund choices and benefits, but if yours doesn’t, we won’t recommend one.  It’s that simple.

You deserve more time.  Less worry.  Objective advice...Just imagine.


Who needs Aegis Retirement Strategies? You do.

  • if you have more than $5 million in assets under management in your qualified retirement plan;
  • if you’re overwhelmed with your own plan administration or dissatisfied with your current plan administrator;
  • if you’re unsure about alternatives to enhance the compensation packages of select employees;
  • if your fiduciary obligations seem confusing or unattended;
  • if the idea of personalized plan design sounds innovative, time-saving, and cost-effective;
  • if you wonder whether your current plan costs and/or investment options are competitive.



For your free retirement plan consultation, call Aegis Retirement Strategies ~ Architects of Enduring Wealth at 717.761.4633.